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Another year Another win Thomas is out But Mario’s in   I look at your face As you smile in delight I will never get tired Of that wonderful sight   To think that once I did not know If birthdays would ever make you glow If you would ever understand Or if you’d come… Continue reading Seven

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Small Mercies

Today Autism kicked my arse. Exhaustion has set in and I can't formulate the words I need to properly explain how testing it has been. I will soon - I promise - but for now, let me rewind and take you back to yesterday so that I can express feelings of love and not hate.… Continue reading Small Mercies

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Money Talks

I live in an incredibly wealthy city. A city that is full to the brim of academics, doctors, and entrepreneurs. House prices here are only for the rich, and expensive private schools decorate the city centre like gold leaf. Last week I went to St. John’s College May Ball, where the smell of money drifted… Continue reading Money Talks

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Still Too Many Positives

So much has happened for our family over the last 4 or 5 years. Our children have grown older, school years have passed in the blink of an eye, preschool changes have taken place and most importantly: happy memories have been made. Sawyer is growing in to an amazing little boy, with unusually displayed yet… Continue reading Still Too Many Positives

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Sense and Sensory Ability

It is 7pm on bank holiday Sunday and I write this post from the comfort of my living room. The doors and windows are open, and I can see the sun starting to hide itself behind the foliage at the end of my garden. Days like these in the UK are few and far between, and a… Continue reading Sense and Sensory Ability

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The Parent Trap

Marriage is a funny concept when you stop to think about it. Strip away the legalities and the love, and you’re basically left with an agreement to spend the rest of your life desperately trying not to kill another human being. Perhaps that is why, traditionally, people get married before they have children. Perhaps it… Continue reading The Parent Trap

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On a school day, Mummy or Daddy (or sometimes Piper) wakes me up and tells me it is time for school. I don’t like being woken up. I’m always very tired in the mornings, and Mummy says it’s because I stay up reading so late. I am supposed to read for half an hour and… Continue reading Sometimes

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Unfair Dismissal

This afternoon I was stood in the kitchen buttering rolls, when I asked my youngest, Piper, to lay a blanket out on the floor ready for their ‘picnic’. She was tired and hungry, so when the familiar whinge reply came back at me I rolled my eyes and buttered on regardless. But as I heard… Continue reading Unfair Dismissal