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School Disco

Just before the end of half term, Sawyer announced that he wanted to go to his Halloween-themed school disco. His Dad and I looked up at each other in disbelief, shock, and a little bit of fear. Sawyer has never been able to cope with the sensory overload of a disco. Between the flashing lights, loud… Continue reading School Disco

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Planning to Fail

Sawyer’s planning meeting took place just days before school reopened after the long summer break. These meetings take place after all professional reports are gathered, and mark the end of EHCP application, determining what should be written in to the final plan. All the guidance documentation suggests that the child in question should be allowed… Continue reading Planning to Fail

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Supermarket Hero

I think most people - parents or not - tend to agree that children and supermarkets should not co-exist. If a child is going to have a hissy-fit over nothing in particular, you can almost guarantee it will be in the most public place you can find, with their parents held hostage, trapped betwixt shelving… Continue reading Supermarket Hero

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Villa Romero

Malaga airport had been stuffy and loud as we made our way through passport control and on to baggage claim. The excitement of being on holiday, combined with unspent energy and autism meant Sawyer began to sensory-seek as soon as we stepped off the plane. Charging down the hallways closed-eyed and spinning, he narrowly missed… Continue reading Villa Romero

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For those of you who have never experienced a fire alarm in an airport, I can assure you it is no joke. Within seconds our corridor had been barricaded at one end, and a giant bottleneck of people began to fill up around us. Beyond the line of airport security, shops began to close their… Continue reading Paradise