Sawyer Says…

Me: I love sharing these little moments with you, Sawyer 
Sawyer: It may seem like a little thing to you, but to me it’s a really big thing.

Me: The Troublesome Trucks rollercoaster was amazing! Do you want your ear defenders back?

<Sings, suddenly and without warning, interrupting a conversation in the car>
“I don’t want a lot, I don’t need a lot, coffee’s only a diiiiime!”

“Nature is AWESOME!”

“I am glad that I have a sister because it means I will never have to feel lonely.”

“Do you know that sometimes autism makes me feel… well, it makes me feel. Nope. Nope. I’m out of clues.”

“I can’t sit still very easily. I have some autism!”  

Grandimps: “Sawyer you have lovely hair, look at mine, it’s all fallen out!”
Sawyer: “I think your hair is great because it doesn’t get in to your eyes.”

“How did you know? Did you see it in my think bubble?”

“There is a tiny part of me that will love Thomas the Tank Engine forever”

“I’m sorry. Sometimes I just don’t understand the world”

“Mum, why is your tummy bigger than Dad’s?”

“Sawyer, those are your trainers and you need school shoes on”
“Oh yes. It’s just that they have the same point.”

“I love you, Sawyer”
“Yes I know!”

“Sawyer, dinner is ready!”
“Is it a chicken burger?”
“No, not today”
“Okay, no thank you”

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