Routine Chaos

Sawyer and I have had so many new followers lately, both through our website and social media, and I can only imagine it is a reflection of the difficulties families like ours are currently facing.

We craft schedules carefully, don’t we? We think ahead and plan our days, and endure the monotony that comes with strict routines and timelines. We ensure we pick up our phones when they ring because disturbing the routine isn’t an option. We make sure the spoon is the right colour, right way up, no smear marks, don’t we? 

When Covid came along, it threw everybody. And for families like ours it didn’t simply take away our ability to see friends and family, it stripped away the control we’d empowered our autistic children to grasp and run with. Suddenly, not only was the spoon the wrong colour but the world was the wrong flavour. School turned to home, parents turned to teachers, playtime became weekend, and nobody, nobody… had any answers. 

I want you to know that it’s okay to be doing your best, and actually, it’s okay if you aren’t. Even if you’re doing a shitty job (hi, I’m Nic), it’s okay. 

The only thing we need to do is get through it.

I see you x

2 thoughts on “Routine Chaos”

  1. Too right. Do what works for your family. You are doing a fantastic job. And I’m sure the wine helps😂

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