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A Decade of You

I rarely get emotional when my children have birthdays. I’ve never been the mum saying ‘slow down, time’ or ‘please stop growing!’ because, frankly, the early days were hard and I enjoy mumming more and more as they get older. I know you’re not supposed to say that, but there we have it – for me, it’s true.
But my baby boy turns 10 tomorrow, and for a few days now, sneaky tears have periodically pooled up in my eyes. I’m just so bloody proud.
I could recreate the Library of Babel trying to list the things I love and admire about Sawyer. But instead, I’ve written a few words down in an acrostic poem – Sawyer’s favourite style of poetry:
S o very funny, you make us laugh every day
A lways energetic, always something to say
W henever you’re happy, those around you feel good
Y ou know yourself well, as we all wish we could
E veryone you meet leaves better off than before
R ecalling tales of tank engines, and the Isle of Sodor.
I love you, Sawyer – you absolute dude.
You make me very proud.
Love, Mum xxx

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