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New Year’s Adaptation

Life is all about balance, I suppose.

I try hard to ensure Sawyer has the same opportunities as other children (particularly his sister), but at what point do you accept that your child might just want to be left alone? That they’re happier indoors?

Lloyd and Piper went out tonight, to spend some time with friends. And Sawyer and I stayed home.

I try to gently nudge Sawyer in to a ‘normal life’ – but I didn’t want to end a year… and start one.. with a meltdown. I have my limits too. And you know what? It’s not always about Sawyer. Our whole family has to exist.

It’s not the New Year’s Eve I ever expected or intended to have once I’d started a family. Growing up, we were always together – it was important to always be together. And I guess that’s what I wanted for my family too.

But just because it didn’t work out that way doesn’t make it bad. Or wrong.

Sat quietly watching my son drink juice from a pineapple was pretty fucking lovely, actually.

2019 will bring a lot of changes for our family.

And we’re ready.
Happy New Year to you all!


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