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Pieces of Eight

Dear Sawyer,

Today is your 8th birthday. And what a year you have had!

At school, this year has been a real turning point for you. You have gone from not wanting to go to school at all, to winning an award for effort in the end of year assembly! You seem to have found a way to unlock all the subjects that were stuck inside your head, and you now access them and use them to do your schoolwork. Everybody has been incredibly proud of you.

You are such a funny boy, Sawyer. You make everybody laugh with your cheeky expressions and different accents. Your choice of uncommon words is mesmerising, and we love the way you are learning to choose words that will surprise and impress people. Occasionally some of those words are a little… unsavoury. But those are few and far between… and probably Dad’s fault…


At the moment you are very interested in Thomas the Tank Engine again, and you play with trains a lot of the time. You watch Thomas episodes on YouTube, and you even make your own videos to upload to your very own channel! You tell me that you still like Super Mario and Spongebob, but that your Thomas trains are very precious to you – and that there will be a tiny bit of your heart that will love Thomas forever. I hope that is true, Sawyer. Because he will always be in my heart too.

You are beginning to understand how to enjoy time spent with friends now, although you still prefer time alone. And that’s OK. I’ll be honest – at this point you’re generally not a massive fan of your sister (poor Piper – she idolises you!), but I know that will change over time. And although you find her annoying sometimes, you do love her, and you want to protect her. Recently when she told you that somebody wasn’t nice to her in school, you told her to point them out in the lunch hall so that you could tell them to be nicer! You are a very kind-hearted boy, Sawyer. And that part of you continues to grow.

Sawyer, I hope the years that come for you will be as amazing as this past year has been. I hope you continue to enjoy subjects in school (and perhaps beyond), find hobbies that give you joy, and that your relationships with those close to you remain as strong as they are today. You are so well loved, Sawyer. And you love freely too. I have a feeling that no matter where you go or what you do, you will bring light and laughter to the lives of everyone you meet.

Sawyer. Many parents hope their children will one day change the world for the better, but I don’t wish that at all. I don’t need to.

Because you already have.


Mum xxx


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