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On a school day, Mummy or Daddy (or sometimes Piper) wakes me up and tells me it is time for school. I don’t like being woken up. I’m always very tired in the mornings, and Mummy says it’s because I stay up reading so late. I am supposed to read for half an hour and then go to sleep, but when I close my book I can still see the characters chasing around in the dark. Sometimes characters from lots of different books come out at once, and that is SO funny! Piper never wakes up when I laugh at the moving pictures, because we have shared a room since she was a baby and Mummy says she likes to know I’m there. Sometimes Mummy and Daddy come up to bed and I am still awake. They say that all my friends are asleep already and that if I go to sleep I can meet them in my dreams. Sometimes I do meet them in my dreams! But usually I see characters from my book and we play all night long, so when it’s time to wake up I’m exhausted from playing in my dreams all night.

Sometimes Piper is too noisy in the morning before I’ve woken up properly, and that makes me really cross. Sometimes when people are too noisy I can’t concentrate on anything else and all the colours go dark and gloomy. On days that Piper has been too noisy then usually my school uniform isn’t comfortable, and time moves too quickly. Sometimes Piper is quiet but Mummy asks me do to something in the wrong order, and before I’m ready. Then my uniform isn’t comfortable again, and sometimes it makes my breakfast not taste good. Before we go to school, I like to have lots of notice so Mummy gives me updates every 5 minutes so that I know how long I have left until we leave for school. Sometimes Daddy takes me to school instead of Mummy, but they always tell me the night before or first thing in the morning, because otherwise I don’t feel in control and that makes my uniform feel uncomfortable again.

Sometimes I take a packed lunch to school and some days I have hot lunch. Sloppy foods can feel funny in my mouth and make me sick, so Mummy and Daddy look at the menu and decide if I should have hot lunch or not. The school hall can be difficult for me even on days that I have a packed lunch. The noise can make me feel very anxious and if it gets very bad, my body doesn’t know how to react. Sometimes things get very loud and hot, and my uniform is very uncomfortable then I start to spin around and run and I can’t concentrate or hear specific voices anymore. Often people try to come close to me to make sure I can see and hear them, but it only makes my uniform feel more uncomfortable. Sometimes even my skin is uncomfortable. My teachers give me my ear defenders to wear in the hall, and sometimes that helps me cope with the noise.

After lunch, I don’t always like to sit with my friends in the classroom. There are so many children and it’s difficult to focus on my work. I prefer small groups, and often I prefer to work completely by myself. Some children are very kind to me but some are too noisy and rough, and I find that very difficult to cope with. I am a very polite boy but sometimes I am rude without meaning to be, because I say whatever is in my mind. Once, I ran across the playground so fast that I bumped in to another child and she fell over. I didn’t realise it was my fault so I shouted “WATCH WHERE YOU ARE GOING!” and Mummy had to wait until I had calmed down to explain to me why I was a bit wrong. Sometimes Mummy thinks the things I do are funny, and that makes me smile. My teacher and my teaching assistant are very kind to me too. They understand that sometimes I get very cross but they know me very well now and they know that I am a very happy and sweet boy who sometimes gets overwhelmed and can’t listen anymore. People who understand me make my life much happier. Mummy and my teachers work very hard together to make sure everybody understands me. My teachers help me to learn, even when I do it a little bit slower than some of my friends. Mummy says it’s important to try hard at school but that it’s also important to learn when I need a break. She says that learning is important, but that being happy is even more important.

When Mummy picks me up from school, I am always very happy to see her. Sometimes I have my coat fastened with my hood up, even when the weather is sunny because I am scared to leave it behind. This can make me feel overwhelmed so Mummy takes the coat off and holds it for me so I don’t get too hot. Mummy usually picks me up in the car because she drives straight from work, but sometimes she walks instead I get really confused and tell her that my legs are too tired to walk home! I love getting home. It is my favourite place to be and I would like to stay there every day if I could, even at weekends! Home is very safe and doesn’t confuse me very much. I get straight home from school and go on the iPad to play Thomas the Tank Engine Roblox. Thomas is my favourite, although I really like Spongebob too! My teachers draw Thomas and Spongebob during my free time at school. I’m allowed to play the iPad until dinner time and then I have to come to the table and concentrate on my dinner. I used to be very sensitive to dinner times but now I find it easier because the rules are very clear. I don’t have to eat all of my dinner but I do have to try it, and there is always something on my plate that I definitely like, so if I don’t like the rest then I still have something nice and safe to eat.

After dinner I like to play with my trains in my bedroom. I like to play with my sister too, but mostly I like to be by myself. Other children don’t always play my games in the right way and that can make me pretty cross! Sometimes at lunchtime in school if the order doesn’t go properly then I get very confused and stressed. I have been known to hide in bushes to get away from it all when things go wrong. But luckily I have very kind teachers who understand and help me calm down. Sometimes I get overwhelmed at the weekends too. Birthday parties can be very confusing for me, especially if they are very loud and I get too hot. I have friends that I have known since I was a baby, and their Mummy always checks with my Mummy to see if a party will work for me or not. People who understand my sensory issues are my Mummy’s favourite type of person, especially if they bring wine.

Before I know it, it is bedtime again! I like bedtime because it is always the same. In my bedroom I have a weighted Thomas blanket and an elephant light that shines stars on my ceiling. I lay on my big bunk and read my books. Sometimes Mummy and Daddy call up to tell me to read them a little bit more quietly because I love to shout my words out! I love reading, and I am very good at it. But sometimes when I close my book I can still see the characters chasing around in the dark. Sometimes characters from lots of different books come out at once, and that is SO funny! Piper never wakes up when I laugh at the moving pictures, because we have shared a room since she was a baby and Mummy says she likes to know I’m there.

But that’s just sometimes.

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  1. I felt I was there with Sawyer all through that blog! What a smashing way to get his feelings across. Well done Nook,as always. Love you all millions xx

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